Introduce the multichanel analysis in your business


Analyze your business communications

Increase the profitability of direct marketing

Measure the productivity of your business

Increase the knowledge about your customers


Monitoring through a single interface

Integration with ACD / CRM / ERP / DW systems

Generate early alarms

In collaboration with X1 Social Discovery

Although the telephone channel continues being fundamental for providing services to your customers, the multichannel interaction through text channels such as web chat, email,… continues increasing
Natural Speech and Text Analytics (Natural Analytics) monitors and analyses from a single user interface or integrated in the ACD/CRM/ERP/DW all the communications with your customers:
Telephone conversations, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Websites, forums, blogs, live chat, email and instant messaging (Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, …).
Natural Analytics brings together the linguistic experience of Natural Vox (definition of spontaneous speech language model) and the strength recovering information with X1 Social Discovery (world leader in the true recovery of data form social networks), to perform innovative analysis, correlations and exclusive segmentations.



Natural Analytics integrates in a single system all the communication channels of your company, creating a unique data source with all your information, providing metric to know the current state and thus improve the process of taking decisions.

Complete integration

Integrate Natural Analytics with your ACD/CRM/ERP/DW system, enriching your Big Data. Get to know better your clients and their behavior, age, sex, gender, geolocation, …

Natural Speech and Text Analytics features:

  • Provides metrics to assess operational efficiency and productivity of all channels: average time, agent response time, number of messages required to solve an issue, allowing to optimize and to improve the experience with clients
  • Generates early alarms, of special treatment in the cases of social crisis with repercussions for the good image of your company.
  • Understand and know what your clients say as well as the cognitive bias. Also what your agents say. Shows the behavior, emotions expresses, age and genre.
  • Enriches your Big Data with cross data in the CRM/ERP.
  • Increases the profitability of your direct marketing actions based on the information obtained by Natural Analytics and know their impact in all the channels.

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